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Medical Equipment Inspection Service

Medical Equipment Inspection Services provides medical equipment safety inspection service to be in compliance with accreditation agencies to hospitals, surgery centers, physician offices, clinics and nursing homes in the southern California area. Medical Equipment Inspection Service offers a wide array of services to ensure patient care equipment is working properly and safety. Our reliable and cost effective support services are one of the most comprehensive available in the southern California area. We have been providing professional and cost efficient services since 1988. Our servicing specialties include anesthesia, Nitrous oxide waste gas analysis, medical gas vacuum systems, general surgical, dental analgesia units, physical therapy, battery supplied emergency power systems,  and general patient care equipment. All facilities have on-line access to all their equipment records through equipmentfiles.com using a secure login and password.  

5 Point Medical Equipment Safety Testing

External physical inspection of the equipment and all of its components. Using an approved calibrated safety analyzer to test electrical integrity, power cord continuity, resistance and hazard current leakage of equipment. Perform functional testing, calibration verification and electrical safety testing(ESI) of the unit in accordance with industry standards. Written documentation of service and appropriate equipment labeling. Service summary detailing work performed and applicable Device Safety Alerts

Medical gas system testing and parts

Medical gas system and alarm testing in accordance with NFPA56/CGA C-4. From the high pressure H tank supply to the low pressure flowmeters. All components are tested for proper operation In accordance with industry standards. All records are available on line for (7) years. We supply most Medical Gas hoses, connectors and assemblies for all manufacturer and applications.

Anesthesia Equipment Service Specialists

Full Anesthesia Machine Maintenance, performance verification and electrical safety Inspections. Services follow OEM guidelines to comply with manufacturer testing specifications. Includes periodic replacement of rubber goods, sensors etc. We service Drager, Ohmeda/GE, Dupaco, American Anesthesia, Matrix, Porter, Datascope, and Penlon.

Waste Gas Analysis / Room Air Exchange Rate Testing

Anesthesia machine waste gas survey using a nitrous oxide detector to 2ppm and room air exchange rate measurements using a full vent hood. Referencing NFPA 99, 2012 section 5.14 and maintenance, as prescribed by CMS in 482.41(c)(2).

Back-up power generators

Inspections performed on Battery powered Backup power Systems. Service in accordance with National Fire Protection Agency code 110 and Life Safety Code 101. Routine testing includes invertor operation, 30 minute timed monthly load testing. Battery(s) Load testing.

Vacuum Pump service

The full vacuum system is tested for proper operation including pressure (Vac) loss, outlet flows, alarm activation, zone valve and gauges as well as a full and comprehensive physical integrity test of all components. Annual replacement of oil, oil and air filters are performed.

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